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Why is this a thing?

I have been having many conversations revolving around the current state of US racial tensions, injustice, and uprising with family, friends, outliers, and local officials. Through these conversations I am finding a common recurrence of the same questions. It's becoming predictable. I keep asking myself if these questions are truly genuine coming from the people asking them? Do they really want to know? Is it coming from a lack of awareness? Is it influenced by media that may be biased?

While some of these questions may be coming from a place of confusion, a lack of general education, and a bit of fear when approaching this subject, I believe some may have an authentic interest in understanding the problems that relate to race and society. How can we contribute to making things better if we do not know where and what the conversation and issues are?

In the chance that you may have these similar questions and are looking for more info, here we are. While the subject of race and society is incredibly complex, this place is attempting to share initial basic concepts that might be popping up in the media and in person. It may get messy. There may be mistakes. You may feel uncomfortable but it's time to talk about it with each other and open discussions into issues that have been avoided because you don't want to feel uneasy.

When approaching this subject, take time out to organize your feelings and sit with them. It's OK to feel out of place. Learning new concepts and how you knowingly and unknowingly contribute to society isn’t always going to be swift or enjoyable and many don’t even know where to begin. So let’s dig in!

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