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What is White Privilege?

White Privilege is the inherent advantage that White people have over other demographics solely based on the color of their skin. Many White people think this term implies that they don't have challenges or haven’t experienced struggles and hardships, however, the term simply means that the color of your skin will never make your life harder.

Frances E. Kendall, Ph.D., a nationally known consultant for organizational change begins her article, Understanding White Privilege with "Privilege, particularly white or male privilege, is hard to see for those of us who were born with access to power and resources. It is very visible for those to whom privilege was not granted. Furthermore, the subject is extremely difficult to talk about because many white people don’t feel powerful or as if they have privileges others do not. It is sort of like asking fish to notice water or birds to discuss air." These examples refer to an unawareness of privilege and this can lead to the dismissing that it exists.

It is a privilege to educate yourself about racism rather than experience it.

Here is a more recent article exploring why White privilege is commonly denied.

When someone says," White privilege doesn't exist" they are relating that they can not fully grasp the privilege of being White in our society.

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