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What About Black on Black Crime?

This is a common question that expresses the lack of knowledge regarding inter-generational trauma and is often pushed by a racist narrative to normalize police brutality, avoid the issue of privilege and holding accountability for bad behavior.

White on White crime happens at roughly the same rate as Black on Black crime, generally due to the perpetrator staying in their own community. According to the FBI’s uniform crime-reporting data for 2016, 90.1 percent of Black victims of homicide were killed by other Blacks, while 83.5 percent of Whites were killed by other Whites. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ arrest data analysis tool shows that less than 1 percent of Blacks overall (about 2 percent of Black men) commit a violent crime in any given year. This means, factoring in interracial violent offenses, 99 percent of Black men do not commit Black-on-Black crime.

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